Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fly Fishing Beaver Creek VA - 3/24/12

Took the day off from work February 17th and met up with my TU compatriots David and John for a day of fishing on Beaver Creek, VA.

Only four rods are allowed on the stream per day and we were lucky that John lived nearby and could get the reservations for us.  We were 3 out of the four.

We were looking for an alternative to Mossy Creek and the Beaver did not disappoint.  It was surrounded by farm fields

I love the company of the cows (especially when they aren't allowed to defecate in the stream!)

but the stream seemed a little more closed in and natural-looking than Mossy Creek (which for the most part is wide open).

Since he got the permits, it was only appropriate that John got the first fish.

There were plenty more where that one came from.  Everyone caught fish.  Using rabbit strip streamers, I did pretty well.  Here's a pretty one.

I have to thank David and John to opening my eyes to winter trout fishing.  What a great day!   

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