Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Super Moon reds in the Lynnhaven River

Went out Sunday with my Buddy Tim and new friend Zack to fish the rising tide in the Lynnhaven River.  

First we swung by Dunkart's Hole to get the stink out of the kayaks and were rewarded with croaker and flounder.

They always like KO OZ's #2 mummichog clouser (black over olive over chartreuse over white over orange with pearl flash)

I love cloud formations and Sunday they were spectacular on the water!

And it only got better as the sun went down!

We enjoyed the paddle as we headed up river in search of redfish…

We found them blind casting as the rising tide swept us along the wetland banks on the incoming tide.  The first was a surprise having seen and spooked many cruising rays in the vicinity…

It was a nice 24" red that caused me to put down the paddle and go on the Nantucket sleigh ride as he pulled and I pumped and reeled!  After landing him and a few pics, we headed back up to the top of the conveyor belt.  There were cookie cutter 2-footers to be had on every drift!  

The iPhone 4s takes crap pictures in low light so this one was taken with the aid of a headlamp.  

A nice fight on an 8wt.  It was really exciting hearing them crash bait up against the marsh edge.  We just kept whispering "oh my god! oh my god!"

I've had many poor days and hard working skunks so it's nice to score some fatty reds from time to time!