Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lynnhaven River, 8/31/13

Took Dana out fishing this time.  Brought the spinning rods for her, but damned if I didn't forget the spinning tackle box!  Man!  And I had just fully stocked it that afternoon!

So......Dana was forced to use the magic wand.  I did double casting duty and she strip retrieved.

There was plenty of pressure at the osprey pole so we soon left and headed to Dunkart's Hole.  To our surprise, it was vacant.  

After a little boat manouvering to find the right spot, plus an ebbing tide, the fish started to bite.  Nothing huge mind you, but Dana had fun stripping them in.  We lost two to slack line, but Dana managed to land a flounder

and a croaker.  Not too shabby.  

Even though we caught them on different flies, Dana opined that the fish liked the red/orange clouser the best.   It was a good day, but my arm is sore.  Now I need to teach Dana to cast!


Lynnhaven River, Tuesday 8/28

Took a half day off at work and launched the kayak at the neighborhood ramp.  Saw Ron Stoops there and heard stories of drum galore.

Shoved off and paddled to my old familiar place.  Staked out the boat and got out on foot.

Fished the flat and then moved to the main body of the river as the tide ebbed.  Truth in advertising - all I caught was this little bugger - locally known as a pin fish.

At least there was no skunk!  PRetty day on the water.