Monday, April 14, 2014

BWSEVATU goes to Virginia Beach Library "How to… " Fest

On April 5, the Virginia Beach Joint Use Library had its first annual "How to…" Fest.  They were looking for unique experiences for their patrons.

What's more unique than catching a wary fish with a bunch of thread, fur, and feathers?

As a representative of the Bill Wills SE VA Chapter of TU, I was asked to provide classes in fly casting and fly tying.

The first session was fly tying.  In had a small but keenly interested group.  We talked about fly tying books and resources and some personal perspective on why fly tying is appealing.  

Then to show the breadth of the art form, I tied a size 2 (saltwater) mummichog clouser and then a size 16 parachute Adams.  It was fun.

Two from my fly tying group and another gentleman joined me outside for some casting.  I provide an assortment of rods from 3 wt. to 12 wt. and explained the types of fish to be caught on each. 

Then I demonstrated general principles of fly casting.

Even with some wind, I was able to put the fly in the hoola hoop.  Not bad!

Of course, the highlight was getting one of the audience to give it a try.  With a little coaching and attention to wrist action, we were getting a reasonable loop.  Again, the small crowd was appreciative.

Large or small crowd, we'll continue to spread the gospel of fly fishing and cold water conservation.