Sunday, October 18, 2015

Long-sleeve shirts and bare feet

Had a glorious day on the Lynnhaven River yesterday.  Had a fresh coat of paint on the Whaler since summer, but had not had the chance to get her wet.  

Hurricane Joaquin spoiled the fun a couple of weeks ago, but I finally got my chance to get out yesterday.

You know it's fall when you wear long-sleeve shirts...

but fish bare-footed!

All the better to feel the fly line underfoot my pretties!

The tide was going out.  I fished two marsh cuts and caught fish at both.  At the first, I probably caught a dozen on a steady pick.  A sinking line and a mummichog clouser were the ticket. 

 The fish were plentiful, but all around the 12" size.  I wish I remembered to bring my tagging supplies.  I think the fish size reflects the bad winter we had last year and all the fish kills of speckled trout.  If these guys can survive until next year, perhaps we'll get some quality fish next year.

I also caught this scrappy striper dink.

 The mummichog clouser was first shown to me by my friend Kendall Osborne. The color variation of the classic Bob Clouser minnow, is orange on the bottom, then white, then pearl flash, then chartreuse, then olive, then black on top.  Complicated - yes; effective - YES!

Leaving the first spot, I was content, but wanted to run the engine a little more so I motored over to another favorite spot and, although the river was packed, this spot was wide open.  I anchored up and started catching fish almost immediately. These specks were a little bigger, perhaps 16", and had a little girth to them.  Fun!

After a few "one more cast"s I finally started up the Yamaha and headed for the barn.  It was a beautiful, brisk October day.  The specks were plentiful,  the sun was shining, and the boat ran good.  Perfection.

I have some underwater video I haven't looked at yet.  Stay tuned...